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This trail takes you through the meandering narrow alleys, which whisper the stories from past, old ruined splendorous palaces, myriad temples, busy markets, havelis (mansions), scenic views from beautiful balconies, architectural marvels Read More

Ever heard about a female-warrior, who was termed as “male” because of her bravery..? Or a saint, who was born with all the teeth in his mouth and enchanted Rām Rām instead of crying.Read More

This tour takes you to the city of temples which is Varanasi. So, this tour has been especially tailored to give an idea to the visitors that how so many different schools of philosophy have been co-existed in the vast fold of Hinduism Read More

Sarnath or Isipattana (in Pali language) is one of the four most sacred places for Buddhists because Buddha had given his first sermon after getting enlightenment and turned the wheel of Dhamma to spread his message around the world.Read More

Boat-ride is one of the most essential activities to do in Varanasi. Boating in the morning starts with arti-ceremony or worshiping of Ganga, then ‘subah-i-Banaras’ which is live classical music programme at Asi-ghat every morning  Read More

Boat-riding in the evening has a different charm with scarlet sun, vermilion clouds, slowly darkening sky, twinkling earthen-lamps on Ganga waters, worshiping pilgrims and all this scenic beauty concludes with the majestic arti-ceremony at Dashashwamedh-ghat.Read More

TripAdvisor Reviews

  •   Had booked three tours with Sachan walking and all were excellent. We did boating in the morning hours and then we visited Sarnath, after that a great walk through the old streets and we were allowed to enter in some private houses, havelis. On the...More

    thumb Daydream00358467782

      A local guide is a must in this entangled city to know about it in local way. Karan helped us in many ways with the recommendation of good budget hotel, food, local delicacies as well had booked a boat tour and a customized tour in...More

    thumb Anamika S

      Hey everyone, I am Jonathan from Paris and I am just writing this review for all of you and I want to say that I have never seen such an experienced and friendly guide before this time. I learnt so much from him about India...More

    thumb Jonathanhts
  •   We both had opted for a boat-tour and a walk in those back-streets for what this old city is famous. Boating is so lovely & such a serenity beauty one is introduced with on the boat. One must do it. In the afternoon, we were...More

    thumb hitchjikers

      We, a family of 3 members, had got very good services by the Sachan Walking Tours. We did two boat tours, onetour in the city and Sarnath. Karan & Nikhil had accompanied us in these tours. We loved the stories told by them. It was...More

    thumb Explorer26486236382

      I did the northern walking tour with Karan , visiting some main sights and more small corners and backyards I would have not found by myself. Karan was a very pleasant guide, spontaneous to organise the tour with and easy to customize it for my...More

    thumb 430lenau
  •   A recommended tour to be remembered for long. Sachan Walking Tours, with the knowledge of the city, architecture as well its significance of various locations made Benaras visit truly memorable. Though I have friends in Benaras but while on the tour, the experience got greatly...More

    thumb AkshayeA2

      Karan compiled four lovely and very versatile tours for us, including visits to all important sites in Varanasi (Saranath, Crematory Ghats, Temples, ...). In addition to the sightseeing and his great historical and cultural knowledge, he also introduced us to many local delicacies.

    thumb Lorenz R

      We spend 1,5 days in Varanasi with Karen and really had an amazing time. The overall experience was a perfect combination between history, culture and religion. The first day we did a temple tour and ended the day with a boat ride in Ganga watching...More

    thumb annahR4330BS
  •   Had a great tour with Nikhil. He is a local guy working with Sachan Tours. Karan arranged everything very well and he shown us some of the best architectural examples, ghats, photogenic points, good eating places and some of the most famous temples. Thank you...More

    thumb Navigate41579574891

      Karan is the most fabulous guide, we have ever met. Really passionate, knowledgeable, scholarly person with a great sense of humor. Varanasi wouldn't be same without him. From city tours, boating, Sarnath till our excursion to Chunar was accompanied by the guides from this little...More

    thumb paulsmth2019

      Being in this city, can be an extremely exciting opportunity. And we were expecting that it would be nice to explore the city ourselves but finally we ended up requesting Karan for some guidance and he was so gentle that despite being very busy first...More

    thumb abishekr2019