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City Tour: unfolding the layers of Hinduism – Sachan

City Tour: unfolding the layers of Hinduism

This tour takes you to the city of temples which is Varanasi. So, this tour has been especially tailored to give an idea to the visitors that how so many different schools of philosophy have been co-existed in the vast fold of Hinduism. From the temple of Lord Vishwanath (Lord of the world, as Shiva is known in this city) in University campus, venerated monkey temple dedicated to Hanuman (the monkey faced God), Durga temple dedicated to Goddess of power, prosperity & fertility, Manas temple where you see that whole epic of Ramayana has been engraved on the walls and thus the temple itself sings the larger-than-life story of Lord Rāma.

Meanwhile the guests get the chance to pass through the famous lavishly green University, Banaras Hindu University and witness the busy life of people in the city.

Duration: It will take approx. 3.5- 4 hrs.

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