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Evening Boat-ride – Sachan

Evening Boat-ride

Boat-riding in the evening has a different charm with scarlet sun, vermilion clouds, slowly darkening sky, twinkling earthen-lamps on Ganga waters, worshiping pilgrims and all this scenic beauty concludes with the majestic arti-ceremony at Dashashwamedh-ghat where you see people merged in the smell of incense, camphor & herbs and this whole divinity of the ceremony.

Boat riding in the evening brings you to a completely different feeling of all these happenings of ‘joie de vivre’ as well as impermanence of life at burning ghats. These ghats are so amazing that one feels that he witnesses everything of life from birth till death and many rituals, things in between. So, these ghats really give the meaning to this city of being ‘the city of life & death’.       

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