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Morning Boat-ride – Sachan

Morning Boat-ride

Boat-ride is one of the most essential activities to do in Varanasi. Boating in the morning starts with arti-ceremony or worshiping of Ganga, then ‘subah-i-Banaras’ which is live classical music programme at Asi-ghat every morning. It is followed by a Yoga-class which is free for everyone. During boat-ride you feel the beauty & serenity of this divine river, bathing people, enchanting of mantras, tiny lamps floating on water, yoga on steps, joyous children, meditating people & sadhus..all these make an amazing atmosphere. Also you see those famous ghats & bamboo parasols, which are like signature of the scenic banks of Ganga in Varanasi. Early mornings are so beautiful & mesmerizing that is incomparable from anywhere in the world.

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