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North Walk: the mysterious backstreets – Sachan

North Walk: the mysterious backstreets

This trail takes you through the meandering narrow alleys, which whisper the stories from past, old ruined splendorous palaces, myriad temples, busy markets, havelis (mansions), scenic views from beautiful balconies, architectural marvels…and from short rendezvous with localites till the emotional feelings of last rites at maha-shmashana or the Great Cremation Grounds. You will be mesmerized with this hidden sensuous nature of Kāshi, the original hub of art, culture, music, dance, education, philosophy & spirituality.
We will pass via unbeaten paths which lead to the ghats which have been witness of Bhakti-movement or the devotional movement in 16th century, ghats which are venerated because the pilgrims wash their lifetime sins and also sins from their all the previous births too.

Duration: It will take approx. 3.5- 4 hrs.

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