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Sarnath Tour: compassion & enlightenment – Sachan

Sarnath Tour: compassion & enlightenment

Sarnath or Isipattana (in Pali language) is one of the four most sacred places for Buddhists because Buddha had given his first sermon after getting enlightenment and turned the wheel of Dhamma to spread his message around the world.

Archaeological ruins, Buddhist monasteries and Dhamekh stupa from 3rd century BC till 12th century AD reveal you the history of Isipattana.

The Srilankan temple, where whole life of Lord Buddha has been painted on the walls, will leave you mesmerized. Deer park & 80 feet tall image of Buddha all provide a real peaceful atmosphere to be the place of meditation and deserves the compassion of Buddha.

This small town is enshrined with numerous temples from all those different countries which follow Buddhism by-en-large. So, to experience the aura of enlightenment & compassion of Buddha, Sarnath is a perfect destination for you.

Duration: It will take approx. 4.5- 5 hrs.

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