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South Walk: traditional Banaras – Sachan

South Walk: traditional Banaras

Ever heard about a female-warrior, who was termed as “male” because of her bravery..? Or a saint, who was born with all the teeth in his mouth and enchanted Rām Rām instead of crying..? No..? Ok, let’s visit to those places & listen the stories of these amazing personalities and also visit an akhada (a traditional wrestling ground) from16th century, a water-pumping station from British-Raj and the Mughal-area which is famous for traditional silk-weaving, where you get the opportunity to see the weavers working on 300 years old handlooms. A Jain-temple, belonging to Jain-religion (a very non-violent community), the biggest widow-ashram in the city, old ruined palace of King of Varanasi, traditional idol-making by Bengali artisans and so many such other attractions. This walk is full of vivid aspects & hidden facets of Varanasi.

Duration: It will take approx. 3.5- 4 hrs.

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